Electrolock Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of service combined with the latest innovative technology.

We specialize in Security Analysis, Strategy, and Design

  • Video Surveillance Systems – Your video system is glad to spend all day and all night watching over your assets, the actions of your employees, customers, and the efficient and profitable operation of your business. Some of our specialties are

Remote Access on Smartphones & Tablets, Integration with Intrusion and Access Control, Motion Detection Recording, Night Vision Monitoring, Video Analytics.

  • Access Control – No need to worry about lost or easily duplicated keys, use access control to manage your facility.  Deactivate the card and they no longer have access.  Control who and when they may enter!
  • Burglar Alarms – The more time a thief has, the more they find and destroy.  Have help on the way quickly upon a unauthorized entry or even deter a thief with the mere presence of a burglar alarm.
  • Fire Alarms – We design and install to code any size Fire Alarm system.  Whether it’s a Mom and Pop deli or a 300- room College Dormitory, we can design a system that will fit your needs and budget.
  • Parking Gates – Stop the unauthorized parking of vehicles in your lot.  Coupled with an access control system, you can have an audit trail of who accesses your lot 24/7.
  • Employee and Visitor Identification Cards – Depending on the needs of your specific application, you can produce cards ranging from basic photo IDs for worker identification, to multi-functional badges that track time and attendance as well as control access to company buildings and computer networks.  A professional ID card system also enables you to print visitor badges to further increase the level of security for your facilities.
  • Call Boxes – Provide emergency assistance in remote locations with the push of a button.  Security officers can talk to the person in trouble via radio frequency or land lines.
  • Network Cabling and Phone Systems – We install and service Panasonic Business Telephone Systems and install network infrastructure cabling to help expand your businesses potential.
  • Telephone Entry and Intercom Systems – Give your tenants the ability to allow in guests from the comfort of their couch while keeping unwanted persons out.